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Mandy Crowe Koslin

  When it comes to wine-making, organic is one thing, but biodynamic is a whole different level. In this episode, Arianna Lyrist sips some certified vegan, biodynamic wine, The Bernhard Cabernet Sauvignon, with Mandy Crowe Koslin of up-and-coming natural wine... Read More

Caleb McFarland

  Sit down and hang out with host Arianna Lyrist and Caleb McFarland, a native Virginian, music engineer/producer, world traveler, and Certified Sommelier. Drink wine with Caleb and Arianna as he regales us with stories about his passion for music... Read More

Jenelle Engleson

  The sommelier life doesn’t depart much from being a stage performer. Being the director of food and wine in a restaurant involves the evocation of emotions in people, just like a singer or dancer would during a performance. Jenelle... Read More

John The Dropout

  Given the natural sophistication of wine, it is indeed more than just a passionate beverage, but also a unique way to connect with people, immerse in a particular culture, and go to your relaxing place. This is why wine... Read More